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SpeedAid Vacuum Mattress for Radiotherapy and Diagnostic Imaging

Product Features

  • Rapid and effective fixation with the unique multi-chamber fixation technology.
  • Soft and non-slip polyurethane mattress containing polystyrene beads gives flexibility to patient’s postures.
  • Enables quick posture change and patient fixation.
  • Wear-resistant, highly durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain for long product life.
  • Effective fixation of patient’s posture during surgical operations, radiation therapy, or CT, MRI and other medical examinations.
  • Lightweight and small in volume enables easy transportation and storage.


  • Reduced patient movement minimizes interfractional set-up error and improves treatment accuracy, resulting in clearer images.
  • Enables accurate, precise patient positioning and immobilization for better imaging and treatment in radiation therapy.
  • Improves efficiency of medical procedures, as effective patient immobilization reduces the preparation time required.
  • Helps the patient to relax during lengthy imaging procedures.


Importance of Fixation Tests for Infants:

An important part of the routine neurological evaluation in neonatal units is to undergo diagnostic radiology with vacuum immobilization system.

  • Sedation is no longer necessary for neonates, infants and children during MRI and CT scans.
  • Safely and securely restrict patient’s movement, therefore reducing the need for repeat scans.
  • Effective patient immobilization improves image quality and easily increases productivity and effectiveness.
  • Mattress is made of biocompatible material with “warming” effect on body parts in contact, keeping the infant warm throughout the tests.

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