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VINNO's portable innovative portable color Ultrasound system brings to customers the advanced technology of their original RF ultrasonic metadata platform, creating a light, intelligent, and powerful tool.

  • The unique RF platform results in much better image quality in resolution and contrast.
  • Xcen high frequency technology adds more wideband than a normal probe to improve resolution and contrast for better diagnosis.
  • Pure Wave Probe Technology improves the penetration and Color sensitivity.
  • Perfect 3D/4D technology with STIC, Mcut and Auto NT, fulfill all obstetric application.
  • HQ 3D image: provides high definition 3D image quality.
  • Smart touch user interface fully utilizes touch panel possibility for easy operation, such as rotation of 3D rendering image and comment.

High color image allows the physician to see and evaluate blood flow through arteries and veins.

  High quality 4D scans shos moving 3D images of the baby, with time being the fourth dimension.

  3D body image is able to show on the mobile phone for easlier view.

This System is accepted by top experts from prestigious institutions.

  It works with different frequency, differnt types of probes.
  It can be used in many departments in hospitals: A&E, Breast Centre, OT /Vein surgery, Rehabilitation, Sport medicine, Gynecology, etc.


A micro-magnetic guidance technology works with Vinno’s portable color Doppler ultrasound equipment. V-Guide is able to display clear images through a magnetized puncturing needle. Doctors can adjust the needles in a timely manner, accurately and dynamically understand the location and direction of the entering needle, precisely complete the puncturing, and alleviate the pain of patients.


When the magnetized needle is near the probe, and the needles are in the actual positions of the probes (probes that have not been inserted), the path that these needles show up when they are inserted in the ultrasound images, and on intelligent forecasts and imaging tangent intersections.





The portable system is quite mobile, can be easily carried.






The system can be combined with a slim stand to form a console Ultrasound system when necessary.

Ultrasound Portable for Vet


  • 15.6 inch LED screen
  • 8 inch touch panel screen
  • Light weight system for advanced mobitlity
  • Thinner Edge for enhanced compact
  • Built in battery for 1 hour working time
  • Multifunction handle
  • Fashionable cart with various extended function
  • Triplex mode/Dual live synchronization mode/
  • Tview/Easy Compare/RF-based Zoom/Full screen
  • Auto optimization
  • 8 inch touch panel screen.

Dedicated for Veterinary :

  • Veterinary Probe;
  • Veterinary Information Management
  • Veterinary Body Mark
  • Veterinary OB table
  • Veterinary Preset

Please write with subject head "ECG Pricing", and specify the Model required.