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The revolutionary RF platform, the First In The World, removes the limitationon hardwarepre-processing and demodulation of traditional ultrasound platform. This allowsall radio frequency signal for computing and processing, which is approximately dozens of times of data size than current traditional ultrasound is using, with the advantage of retaining more information and gettingmore accurate RF rawdata for post processing. It results in much better image quality inresolutionand contrast. This platform also has higher frequency range which can support probe from 1-25MHz. The intuitive work flow and user interface make it ease of use. And continuous improvement is our commitment always.


MSK appliation.



Carotids measurement, smart touch interface for easier bavigation.


High resolution 4D baby image.
  Vein structure can be clearly viewed.  
  It works with different frequency, differnt types of probes.
  It can be used in many departments in hospitals: A&E, Breast Centre, OT , Vein surgery, Rehabilitation, Sport medicine, Gynecology, etc.




Modern and fassion design console.


Slim design console.

Ultrasound Portable for Vet

Fully featured in a slender and compact solution. Its super performance and mobility fits in most modern, small or mixed veterinary clinics, research laboratories and school.


  • RF signal data processing platform for better resolution and definition.
  • Advanced Imaging Technology --VFusion/VSpeckle/VTissue/Pulse Inversion Harmonic
  • More Cardiac Features Option
    --CW/TVI/TVM/Color M/AMA
  • Various Useful Tools
    --Easy Compare/RF-based Zoom/Full Screen/ Tview/Pview /Needle Enhancement

Dedicated Veterinary Software Package:

  • Veterinary Patient Data
  • Veterinary Body Marks\
  • Veterinary Measurements and Reports

Highend hardware setting:

  • 19 inch LED screen display;
  • 10 inch touch screen for operation;
  • Bluetooth function;
  • 500G memory

Please write with subject head "ECG Pricing", and specify the Model required.