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Wireless Bluetooth EEG System


The third generation EEG and one of the world’s most popular type of EEG system. By integrating wireless Bluetooth technology into the EEG monitoring systems, it allows patient for a greater freedom of movement, bringing greater convenience to the doctors and patients.

The system has an anti-interference capability which eliminates interference from other devices. It does not require installing of ground wire and uses 6V DC power supply to eliminate the risk of electric shock to the patients. The system is available in portable/stationary models and optional video recording and flash stimulator functions.

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EEG with ERP (Event Related Potential) System
Wireless Dynamic Sleeping Monitoring System

EEG 8~24 Channels

ECG 1~7 Channels

EOG2 Channels EMG 1 Channel
AIRFLOW (optional) CHEST

ABDOMINAL (optional)

SNORE (optional)
SPO2 (optional)

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