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Neuromuscular Devices

EMG-Guided Needle Injection System


Myoguide system is a battery powered, handheld, electrophysiological amplifier with stimulator, EMG signal display, and audio feedback. It is designed to amplify electrophysiological signals from muscle and provide audio feedback to assist clinicians in locating areas of muscle activity.  This device is particularly useful in needle EMG guided injection applications.


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Electromyograph / Evoked Potential System


EMG/EP System is a portable electromyograph and evoked potential diagnostic equipment designed to analyze EMG accurately. High anti-interference capability is assured through the use of advanced DSP technology and an embedded multi-stage amplifier. Modular design and specific application software makes the equipment easy to use and easy to upgrade. Undoubtedly, the EMG/EP system is the best choice for electromyograph and evoked potential diagnosis.


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