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General Description:

Myoguide system is a battery powered, handheld, electrophysiological amplifier with stimulator, EMG signal display, and audio feedback. The Myoguide system is designed to amplify electrophysiological signals from muscle and provide audio feedback to assist clinicians in locating areas of muscle activity.  This device is particularly useful in needle EMG guided injection applications.


Myoguide presents a comprehensive integrated system that was developed to better satisfy the needs of leading Neurologists, Otolaryngologists, Physiatrists and clinicians injecting neuromodulators such as: Botox©, Myobloc©, Dysport©, and Xeomin©, for the management of pain, movement disorders, spastic muscle management and cosmetic applications.

Myoguide is an essential tool, whenever drugs are injected into muscle, by virtue of its ability to provide visual, auditory, and stimulation feedback related to the injection site.


Myoguide provides a superior injection site targeting system with many useful features, such as, the ability to see and hear EMG signals, display of real-time analyzed EMG, and stimulation location capability. There are numerous advantages to embracing Myoguide for EMG guidance:

• Convenient integration of EMG signal display and audio feedback as well as muscle stimulation function into a handheld package
• Helps to identify involved muscles through pre-injection physiopathological evaluation, or pre-intervention evaluation. (Either by EMG or stimulation location)
• Useful for pre-injection evaluation of cases where the injection site may be surrounded by essential nerves and blood vessels
• Pre-injection evaluation with Myoguide helps to reduce drug dosage and volume, limiting drug diffusion into adjacent areas and thereby reducing the incidence of drug resistance in future injections.
• Useful for confirming treatment effects

The need to increase accuracy when injecting neuromodulators has been highlighted by recent FDA reviews on the dangers of peripheral effects. Use of Myoguide can lead to more accurate injection site targeting, allowing reduced concentrations and volumes of injected drugs as well as increasing treatment efficacy.

Specifications of Myoguide Main Unit

CMMR: 60 Hz >90dB; 120Hz >85dB
GAIN: 3 gain settings are set with the <H> adjustment: 50, 500, 2500

Output current: 0– 20mA +/- 10%. Adjustable in 1 mA steps 0- 10 Hz, (5 steps) +/- 5% pulse width can be selected as: 50, 100, 200, or 500 uS pulse width +/- 1% square forms.(20mA max into a 10kOhm load)

AUDIO POWER (maximum): 1 W
MAIN UNIT INPUT CONNECTORS:  "Touchproof" type (3 pin molded)
DISPLAY:  LCD 160 X 64 pixels with backlight available
POWER SUPPLY: 4 AA Alkaline batteries ( approximately 5.0 Volts DC)
FUSE: 1/2 Amp Slow-Blow
ENCLOSURE: Flame retardant ABS, UL flammability rating 94V-O

5.9"L x 4.0"W x 2.1"H (150 mm x 100 mm x 54 mm)

WEIGHT: Approx. 0.5lb. (225 grams) with cable (not including batteries)
WARRANTY: 1 year (batteries excepted)

Specifications of Myoguide System Cable

CONNECTORS: One 4-pin molded touchproof female connector designed to mate with the Intronix Model 8008 Myoguide System. The opposite end of the cable has two colour keyed mini-alligator clips and one male 1.5 mm touchproof connector designed to mate with electrodes.
CABLE LENGTH:   28 inches ( 71cm) from touchproof female connector to touchproof male connector. 32 inches (81cm) from touchproof female connector to colour keyed miniature alligator clips
WEIGHT: Approx. 0.1lb. (50grams) with main unit
WARRANTY: 1 year

*All specifications are subject to change without notice*


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