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Wireless Sleeping Monitoring System


EEG 8~24 Channels
ECG 1~7 Channels


EOG2 ChannelsEMG1 Channel
AIRLOW (optional) CHEST

ABDOMINAL (optional)

SNORE (optional)
SPO2 (optional)
  • Wireless, no ground wire: it is easier for children and patients who don’t cooperate with doctor when conducting examinations
  • Strong anti-interference capability
  • Powerful software package:
    • Predefining parameters
    • Real-time collection
    • Real-time analysis
    • Brain function tendency chart generation which eliminates the disturbing factors in sleeping
    • Brain topographic analysis (or brain electric activity mapping)
    • EEG tendency analysis
    • Auto-sleeping analysis
    • Breath analysis
    • Re-identifying analysis
  • Clinical Applications
    • Identifying disturbing waveforms in children’s EEG
    • Diagnosis of EEG in different sleeping periods
    • Classification of epilepsy
    • Distinguishing outbreak of heart-derived epilepsy and brain-derived epilepsy.
    • Simultaneously monitoring of multiple parameters helps analyze status of new born baby and or small baby
  Available Modules:      
Wireless Sleeping Monitoring System with Video




  • Integrated system Functions of sleep monitoring, EEG, video monitoring are seamlessly integrated. Functions of signal amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, dynamic storage are also also embedded in the system.
  • Editable and Extendable channels Channels can be configured to work with other devices such as ECG, EOG, Airlow, EMG, SPO2, Snoring.
  • Safety The DC power supply eliminates risk of electric shock to patients.
  • Anti-interference Anti-jamming box and shield single lead are used to enhance the anti-interference ability and eliminates AC interference from other devices.
  • Stimulating apparatus Professional sound, flash stimulator and eye shield stimulator are installed to create events for EEG measurement.
  • Video synchronization Digital video signal and EEG can be collected synchronously. Multi-patient monitoring are also available, and EEG results of several patients can be displayed simultaneously.




Available in 33/43/53 Channels

Software Funcitons
  • Integrated system Patient’s database, functional modules, and system settings are integrated in the system.
  • Sleep analysis Specific software is able to analyze sleep period respiratory pause etc automatically. Detail sleep analysis report can be automatically created as well.
  • Parameters A few parameters are available to assist on diagnosis in different sleeping phases. Different types of epilepsies can be distinguished automatically.
  • Frame alignment Waveforms and video frames can be arbitrarily edited, frame alignment can remain unaffected during sampling, playback, and editing.
  • Complete analysis results Quick FFT analysis, power spectrum chart, magnitude spectrum chart, power spectrum topographic chart, magnitude spectrum topographic chart, α, β, γ, δ, θ spectrum topographic chart and spike wave topographic analysis are all available.