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EMS Vacuum Immobilization System
is developed in close cooperation with rescue teams. Its outstanding quality and construction combined with careful selection of materials enables them to perform flawlessly under the most extreme and demanding situations.

To meet the high standards of the alpine rescuers, many innovative solutions were invented:

The Multi-Chamber System

The Multi-Chamber-System keeps the internal polystyrene beads in their correct positions and eliminates the need for difficult and time consuming manual spreading of the beads. When air is removed from the chambers, the polystyrene beads within are squeezed so close together, the material becomes rigid.

The application of SpeedAid is fast, safe and easy in all situations. Simply wrap the splint around the area intended to be immobilized, and remove the air within the splint using a pump.

Its simple handling and lowest possible weight and size makes it easy for transportation and storage.

The Exterior Material

To achieve outstanding durability, abrasion resistance, tightness, easy clean up and comfort for the patient, a special polyurethane material was chosen. It makes it possible to use the products in a wide temperature range, from +80°C down to -40°C. The material made it possible to design a unique attachment system for straps and handles. It keeps the bottom side free of straps which otherwise could get tangled up and get stuck in obstacles.

The Vacuum Valve

The valve is very easy to handle, even when wearing gloves. It closes automatically when the pump is removed to prevent air from entering. To release the victim from the immobilization system, simply open up the valve to release the splints.

EMS Vacuum Mattress (Available in both adult and children sizes)


The innovative design of this vacuum mattress makes it the optimal full body immobilisation system. In addition to all other SpeedAid features and benefits the VM200 offers superior immobilisation through its integrated head and shoulder immobilisation and optimal safety in the ambulance through the free passage in the neck area for unrestricted use of the trolley’s safety belts.

EMS-Vacuum Extremity Splints (Available in both adult and children sizes)

EMS-Vacuum Extremity Splints are equipped as follows:

  • Multi-Chamber-System for fast, safe and easy application
  • Replaceable and washable straps. Easy to reposition.
    Adjustable from both sides
  • Quick and easy clean up
  • Durable and pleasant outer material of special PU.
  • PVC- and Latex free
  • X-ray-, CT- and MRI-compatible
  • CE certified
Vacuum Extrication Unit


  • Multi-Chamber-System for safe and rapid immobilisation
  • Fits most patients – pregnant – overweight…. No problem
  • Thin and gets behind the back of the patient easily
  • Replaceable and washable straps. Easy to reposition. Double sided adjustable
  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • High puncture resistance, durability and pleasant cover made of special PU material.
    PVC- and Latex-free
  • X-ray-, CT- and MRI-compatible
  • CE certified

Basic accessories for the EMS Immobilization systems and splints include:

  • A wide range of hand and foot pumps
  • Carrier bag
  • Optional label with individual logo
  • Label instructions on how to operate the valve

For interested individuals, please write to us using the link above with subject head "SpeedAid Pricing", and specify your interested items.