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The Heart-Lung Resuscitator (HLR) 601

Heart-Lung Resuscitator (HLR - 601)


The Heart-Lung Resuscitator is a self–contained, portable and automatic system that provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation anywhere. HLR 601 is a truly mobile mechanical CPR system, designed to perform accurate and consistent chest compressions and lung ventilations. It is light-weight, and operable using dual oxygen sources.

In many circumstances, the patient will have a better chance of survival, because HLR can perform CPR more consistently and for longer a period of time compared to any individual rescuer, or even a team of rescuers.

The Heart-Lung Resuscitator is also called cardiopulmonary resuscitator. It provides both artificial ventilation via a mechanical respirator and sternal compression via a pneumatically powered position. The system can conduct accurate compression and ventilation following the recommendation of American Heart Association. It is completely mobile while strapped to patient and it is easy to set up and operate.

This product have the following features:

  • Chest Compressor Thrust Control – It permits precise chest compression for individual patient body shape and size.
  • Ventilation Volume Control – Volume-cycled ventilation system delivers adjustable volume of oxygen. Patient receives consistent, adequate Tidal Volume during each ventilation cycle.
  • Travels with Patient Five Point Restraining System includes chest straps which adjust instantly for proper fit. Shoulder and groin straps keep CPR/STAT securely in place during transportation and resuscitation. A low profile compressor allows for transport in and out of any rescue vehicle.
  • Completely portable – It is powered by oxygen/compressed air.
  • Easy transition to mechanical CPR – It is able to transit with only two short pauses.
  • Easy to operate – Operators just need to go through a simple training.
  • Quick Connect Dual Oxygen Inputs – It permits continuous operation when changing oxygen sources.
  • Compact Storage Size – The overall size is 43 X 18 x 56 cm.
  • Reinforced Ventilation Hose – It prevents kinking and occlusion. Built-in 15 millimeter fitting permits direct connection of ventilation hose to endotracheal tube, esophageal airway or face mask.
  • Transparent face mask – Transparent plastic cup provides clear view of patient’s nose and mouth, plus an inflated cuff which readily adjusts to facial contour for adequate air seal.
  • Relief value – It pops off at 60cm H20 mask pressure, preventing excessive pressure.

The Heart-Lung Resuscitator is able to work together with the Life Support Litter.

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