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Electromyograph(EMG)/EP Devices


EMG/EP System is a portable electromyograph and evoked potential diagnostic equipment designed to analyze EMG accurately. High anti-interference capability is assured through the use of advanced DSP technology and an embedded multi-stage amplifier. Modular design and specific application software makes the equipment easy to use and easy to upgrade. Undoubtedly, the EMG/EP system is the best choice for electromyogram and evoked potential diagnosis.





Modular design

  • Enables different combinations for different examinations
  • Makes maintenance easier.

High Speed Transmission

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • High speed and reliable transmission


  • Small and easy to carry
  • Used in conjunction with a laptop, examinations can be conducted anywhere

High quality

  • Advanced circuit design
  • LSI chips
  • Top grade elements


  • Strong anti-interference capability
  • No need to install special ground wire.


  • Fast-input panel
  • Compatible with mouse and/or keyboard

Humanized design

  • Several ways of using this equipment
  • Satisfy individual preferences

Combined regional product standards

  • High precision of Japanese products

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